Project: Visualization

Clio App and Hickory Ridge Living History Museum

For forty years the Southern Appalachian Historical Association has maintained the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum. Hickory Ridge is made up of six historical cabins from around Watauga County with each being used to portray a different aspect of life in the North Carolina Backcountry during the American Revolutionary War Period. Each cabin has its own unique history outside of what they portray. The program I used to showcase each cabin was the Clio App which allows users to place a digital marker on a map and then write an entry on what that marker is located at. There were already a few markers for the SAHA locations but none solely on the cabins. I placed six new markers foe each cabin then gave a brief history if each. This app is very beneficial since SAHA currently has no information on the grounds for each cabin unless visitors take a tour. With this app if a visitor is there while the museum is closed or in the current situation is shut down due to a virus, they can log in and see the history of the buildings.  



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